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Paper Clay Bricks, Quick and Easy.

I thought I'd share a fast and easy way to make rustic bricks.        Ah, the mysteries of paper clay......I was very intimidated by all the lovely paper clay stone, bricks, and roofing I have seen.  I saw Rik Pierce at the Seattle mini show and thought about asking for his autograph.....I bought his book Techniques by Rik Piercelong before I attempted any paper clay work.

     I bought this kit, which really is just a shell, not a complete kit, off of eBay some time ago. I decided to use it for a project we were doing for the Mini-Doll list. The project is a virtual town named Rose Creek based in the late 1890's. You get to make up your own character, and his/her backstory.....My Character, Sage Brush Sally, lives in a home in need of some repair...Here is the link for the project's information.

     First, tear off a hunk of the clay and then put the rest back in the package. Try to keep the unused clay sealed, as…
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April's Showers Bring May's Flowers......

I must say that I am waiting axiously for some beauty to blossom in the months ahead. I have been working on dolls and other miniatures, but I haven't been in the mood to post. My father passed away on April 18th. It was unexpected, but not a surprise.....He was 79 years old and had many of the common diseases that plague our society. I'm pretty sure he was born under a lucky star. He's the only person I know who got a cancer diagnosis with a 20 year survival rate. I know he loved me and my family and I am thankful to never have had any doubts about it. I am coping by not thinking about it too much.......

So, just when it was raining, I was given a lovely gift by none other than Deborah of  of  "The Half Of It".  She is such a kind person, and I am happy to call her my mini-friend. She sent me the perfect gifts to say thank you for something I sent her......She really did not have to reciprocate, but that is the kind of person she is. Thank you Deborah.

How did D…

The Grand Finale

I have to show you the finished dress shop first. I was going to try and explain my method of, or rather order of making it, but frankly I can't remember when I did what.....

I was making padded hangers, hat boxes, shoe boxes, jewelry stands and actually making the doll at the same time......I was busier than a one armed paper hanger, and I have the glue prints to prove it! At one point,  my phone wouldn't recognize my finger print. (I filed that away for future crimes I might commit) Who knew Aileen's tacky glue could be used to erase your finger prints??? As a result, I didn't take as many pictures of the process.

Here is my version of Candy. I tried to modify her a bit so she had that 1950's flair. I also added a satin peplum to her tulle dress.....Satin and tulle were quite the thing back least I think they were?

Here is the shop.......There is a lot going on in here. And, you can't even see my mod wallpaper that I agonized over.

To the left of …

La Rosa Boutique

I set out to make a room-box designed around a French dress boutique circa 1950.....I designed my logo from a picture of one of my roses. I love this picture and use it as my avatar online. In case you are a rose enthusiasts, it is The Queen Elizabeth. The Pink Boutique or rather La Rosa Boutique was born.....It started out elegant and chic, and then I went hog wild.

I already had an ordinary room box. I knew I wanted to use this fabulous fabric that I had bought at JoAnn many moons ago with no purpose in mind (which happens a lot). I love the color combinations and the fabric just made me smile. It has a mod vibe to it???? I figured I would use it as wallpaper, but sparingly, as it is quite busy.
I found a lovely pink paint at target, also many moons ago. It is named Pirouette. It was a little sample size. Do you see how this was coming together? It was like I had been subconsciously buying all this pink stuff in preparation for a future project.
I was thrilled that I had not spent …

Happy Belated New Year!

Dior Couture, 1950's Glam, group project .
I have been working on another porcelain doll themed room box.
This is a fun project supported by MDL, Kitz, Kathie Mendenhall, IGMA of La Petite Belle patterns, Dragonfly International and Dana Burton. I don't want to share too much as there is a contest, so this will be a little preview.
The theme revolves around Candy, the doll created by Dana Burton. Members don't have to use her kit, and can make a doll of their own. I bought a kit, but plan to change something....I haven't decide on what aspect as Candy is still in kit form.
Here is the finished doll that Dana Burton created.   I know some people are curious as to what comes in one of Dana's kits. Once you purchase the kit, you get a link to a PDF containing the assembly directions. The kit is mailed and the contents contain everything you need to make the doll except a doll stand.
Here is a picture of my kit contents.  To go along with the project, Kathie Mendenha…