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Let's Ketchup!

          So, I checked through my phone....all of those pictures I remember taking are very spotty at best. I will try to recreate the last few months as briefly as possible.  January This is my January picture In January I was painting these ladies for an upcoming project on the MDL. It was going to be a cute old lady doll with her Easter bonnet type project. Then it was moved up to a Valentines project for February. Finally, due to shipping concerns it is now a Mother's day project that launched the first 2 weeks in April. I had been pouring and cleaning for weeks, then my used kiln starting giving me under fired results. I bought a new kiln ,which took about 5 weeks to arrive. We went to our cabin a few times...nothing creative. Just stay warm and eat. Wild turkeys in the neighbors yard.  February  I completed this doll named Lola from a kit by Dana Burton  I also must have started working on the this project , which I will do a separate post about. First picture of it in my p

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