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Happy Belated New Year!

Dior Couture, 1950's Glam, group project .
I have been working on another porcelain doll themed room box.
This is a fun project supported by MDL, Kitz, Kathie Mendenhall, IGMA of La Petite Belle patterns, Dragonfly International and Dana Burton. I don't want to share too much as there is a contest, so this will be a little preview.
The theme revolves around Candy, the doll created by Dana Burton. Members don't have to use her kit, and can make a doll of their own. I bought a kit, but plan to change something....I haven't decide on what aspect as Candy is still in kit form.
Here is the finished doll that Dana Burton created.   I know some people are curious as to what comes in one of Dana's kits. Once you purchase the kit, you get a link to a PDF containing the assembly directions. The kit is mailed and the contents contain everything you need to make the doll except a doll stand.
Here is a picture of my kit contents.  To go along with the project, Kathie Mendenha…
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A Hot Mess

Merry Christmas....and Happy Anniversary.      I have had this Blog for 1 year, and averaged about 1 post a month. Yes, that is rather pitiful. I've noticed, most people who have blogs start out strong, and slowly peter out. I'm hoping that I go in the opposite direction!

     Let me introduce you to Noella, my Christmas inspired doll. Everything is my own design, except the porcelain doll blank. For a while, she was a hot mess.....I think she looks a little like an old time movie usher; If they had movies in the Victorian era.😏
     Unfortunately, gold Lame' is hard to work with, and red really highlights glue drips. Glue on the front of your dress is very unladylike.

                                                Here she is, cleaned up and sober.

     I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, with lots of 'cheer'. .....Just don't look like a hot mess in the process.

Part Three......I'm Wigging Out!

Like totally dude.  Sorry if you don't get my 80's humor.

Well, I meant to get back to part three sooner, but 1. Thanksgiving got in my way and  2. I realized, I didn't take many pictures of the styling process because it is difficult to unwind myself from the hair and actually take a picture.
So I tried to take a few pictures of my latest doll in the beginning stages.
Here was what Colleen had going on last week....
 Basic Wigging. Take a hank of Viscose (Synthetic, rayon type, fiber that can be found on many on-line sites)) about as wide as your index finder. Fibers pull apart easily form the main hank. Do not cut it.
 It should look like this
 Next use you fingers to clean the hair up. You play with it and smooth out to get rid of the frizzes. If you want straight hair. this where you would stop.

 For curls, the hair is wet with DISTILLED water.  Wet it with a little mister filled with DISTILLED water. For some reason distilled works better.( I trust the experts)...I…

Chapter 2: The Doll Side......

Continuing from yesterday.....      I left off with the doll wearing a slip. It was glued on using Aileen's tacky glue. None of the clothing has been sewn together. Dana Burton recommends using Aileen's tacky for gluing fabrics. She has been doing this for 20+ years and I haven't tried another brand.
     Use the glue to make hems, seams or attach lace in place of sewing. This is great for non-sewers. I am a sewer, and have made garments. I have to be careful with the glue as I am sloppy and tend to leave drips and drops. I really have to slow down and take my time.

Dressing the doll.....      Cut your pieces for the dress out. (I am using a pattern from Dana Burton's Prudence doll). If you don't sew, take a minute and look at the actual pieces of the patterns. They have symbols on them and directions for how many pieces to cut.  For example: Cut 2 means cut two pieces of this pattern. Fold means place the pattern on a folded piece of fabric. The pattern piece is …

I've Taken a Trip to the Doll side.....

I haven't done any work on my Coloinal house. It is currently being used as storage.  After all, it has lovely, well decorated cubby holes. ;( Fear not, I still love my houses and will eventually continue on that path. I have veered off into the mini-porcelain doll world. I am enjoying the compactness and short duration of completing a project.

This is my latest doll. Her name is Colleen, and she is for a fellow mini-friend.      I thought I would share how to assemble, dress and wig a porcelain doll. I have been buying and reading various books as well as learning from Dana Burton and a friend on the Greenleaf forum.

Supplies:A porcelain doll blankAileen's tacky gluesuper glue, preferable Zap A Gap brandCotton ballsAcrylic paint (for painting face)nail polish (shoe and glove painting.Pipe cleaners AKA chenille stemsLight weight fabrics and laces with appropriate scaleViscose for wigging      I'm sure I have forgot something, but I will add later if needed. First, fin…

A Slight Detour......

I have a new obsession, and I blame it on Wyckedwood....she knows who she is!!!! I have been working on a room box for a group project involving the group over at miniDOLLList.
Dana Burton designed a doll kit based on this graphic by Bobbie Berendson. Dana dresses and paints 1:12 scale porcelain dolls. Here is the graphic by Bobbie Berendson.

Dana did a terrific job of designing the doll and making the kit for the doll. This project for the mini-doll group is in preparation for the Good Sam Show in October. Each member was to make a steampunk themed room box, we could use Dana's doll kit exactly or go another way. Here is my doll and version of the room box.

I tried to come up with some different mythical ingredients. My husband suggested Hair of the Yeti, so I put some polyester batting in a vial. My favorite is the Dragon Scale vial full of sequins. There are pearls of wisdom, and royal blood in the vial with the crown topper. Royal blood is blue of course!

I am thoroughly enjo…

Sweating it out....well sort of.

Blazing heat is the name of the game this year. Usually we have have a good week of 110 degree temperatures and then is snaps back to the 105 range until the end of August. You wouldn't think 5 little degrees would mean that much, but I swear it works exponentially.  I don't even want to tell you what our recent power bill was.... I think my house might be so HOT because I have been cooking over my walk-in fireplace

Here is the live action version, makes me sweat just looking at it!
I'll post more pictures when I find the things I squirreled away for this room. Keep cool everyone, and use your Crockpots....much less heat in the kitchen.