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The Purple Behemoth..... AKA The Seaside Villa.

Once upon a time in late spring or early summer.....(it seems so long ago I had to check the date stamp on my phone) about 2 months ago....wait it seems longer than that. Could it feel so long ago because everyday is like stinkin' ground hog day? Sorry, I feel better now.  On with story. I came across an add in Offer-up which showed a picture of this house. I just about peed my pants! I live in Las Vegas, and this place is pretty much the dollhouse desert. Rare houses don't pop up everyday. (I can't call it the dollhouse desert any longer)In all her purple glory there she was smiling at know, a kind of toothless grin that makes you fall in love with a dirty faced kid? Then you just want to scrub its face and make it sparkle again!!
Isn't she cute? Don't you just want to scrub her down and take her to the dentist for some new teeth?I first consulted Emily Morganti about this house. I thought it was the Visalia. She has a lovely post on her blog about the hou…

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