Working on my porcelain catalog

 Hello everyone,

I just uploaded my porcelain catalog and price list for doll blanks. (Upper Left Corner) Please do me a favor a click the drop box link. Let me know if there are any problems with the link and what you think in the comments section.




  1. Nice job, Carrie! I was able to access the catalog and the price list.

  2. Yes everything works as it should. Love that you have such an extensive range and you've laid them out beautifully. Well done you!! xx

  3. Congratulations on your launch, Carrie! The directions and the link were easy to follow, and the catalog has great photos and flow! What a great variety of figures, too! If ever I am brave enough to try doll making, I will remember to come over and shop! I wish you great success in your endeavor and I hope it's a fulfilling passion!

    1. Thanks Jodi.....Once you come over to the doll side, you never go back. So addicting!

  4. Good work Carrie! So great that you are offering this service. Doesn’t seem to be much of it around now.


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