Let's Ketchup!



 So, I checked through my phone....all of those pictures I remember taking are very spotty at best. I will try to recreate the last few months as briefly as possible. 


This is my January picture

In January I was painting these ladies for an upcoming project on the MDL. It was going to be a cute old lady doll with her Easter bonnet type project. Then it was moved up to a Valentines project for February. Finally, due to shipping concerns it is now a Mother's day project that launched the first 2 weeks in April. I had been pouring and cleaning for weeks, then my used kiln starting giving me under fired results. I bought a new kiln ,which took about 5 weeks to arrive.

We went to our cabin a few times...nothing creative. Just stay warm and eat.

Wild turkeys in the neighbors yard.


I completed this doll named Lola from a kit by Dana Burton

 I also must have started working on the this project , which I will do a separate post about. First picture of it in my phone, and it was pretty far along. 

This is a project for the mini doll list. An art-deco styled project.


I finished my example for the Mother's Day project. The project is named Mother's Through the Ages. All of the participants received the same fabric and doll. They were suppose to make a mother from any era and share a little story about her. My doll is really my Granny who told me she went to a speak easy for her wedding. This is how I pictured her doing the Charleston! Of course she was young, but I never could picture her any other way.


I finish this project, but I just wanted to share the radio. It is my favorite thing!

I finished this doll. Old west Madam from a kit by Dana Burton.


This is Stella....she is a steampunk gal of my own design. I poured, fired, painted and costumed her. She has a telescope tucked under her arm. 

Well, now I can get back to my regularly broadcasted programs and posts.

I will share with you the art-deco project which is currently being voted on.

Thank you to my few faithful followers for sticking around. I love to see all of your posts, and it is nice to see all of your work.



  1. So glad to be hearing all about your year thus far! Your doll dressing skills blow my mind! Lola is stunning - love her attitude! Amazing work - all of it!

    1. Thanks Rebecca...you have got some great doll dressing skills yourself.

  2. It feels to me like this year has flown by and you have brought this home by "ketchupping" us up on your various mini projects. Your dolls and their costuming are so Beautiful but the granny doll doing the charleston is poetry in motion!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I feel like I have been so scattered lately.

  3. Well you may not be blogging but you sure have been busy and creative! I love the art deco room box! The fireplace is great! And the dolls - you are a natural! They are so beautiful, Carrie, and the costuming is just amazing! I bet having the new kiln is such a relief! Can't wait for the subject specific posts with more photos!

    1. Thanks Jodi. It is nice not to worry about a load coming out good.


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