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How is everyone? We are healthy and only slightly deranged. There shouldn't be any permanent damage. 
My only irritation is from the constant t.v. adds reminding me that we are all in this together....and to use social distancing...Enjoy my limerick, and you will see that I'm only half cracked, it is repairable.

There once was a woman in limbo
Her hair was turning into an afro
She ordered a pair of clippers
and cut her hair while still wearing slippers
Now she resembles a bimbo.

I have been flitting from one project to another....etc and so on....
I went back to my phone so I could see where I left off .

I thought I'd share my cloche project that I made for the MDL. I think this would make a cute mini gift for an expectant mother or for a new mother on Mother's day.

This is a cloche from Hobby Lobby

I cut a groove with my Dremel...I can't cut a straight line, even with a guide
I made the back wall using a piece of matt board.

Cali helped pick the wallpaper and carpet. She is my constant companion and supervisor.

Next I made a stained glass window...very simplistic

Here is the light shining through

Excuse the porcelain nudity. She does have her slippers on!! I made the bassinet and tried stenciling the chest. I also ripped up the carpet and did a wood floor with a carpet.. The carpet was one of the printed type that I cut to fit.

In the end I used a much smaller bassinet that I made from a wicker kit. I made the bonnet for the resin baby as well as his christening gown. His Momma is holding a silver rattle made from jewelry bits.

She looks really good for a new mom? Must be the porcelain skin.

Here is my girl doing here circus tricks. She reminds me of the elephants who get all four legs on a tiny stool. She is very talented.

 Sending blessings and hugs to the world in limbo. Hopefully we are on the down slope.



  1. Thanks for asking; I’m doing fine. But like you, my hair is BIG and I flit from one thing to another. I finally made a list this morning and took a stab at doing a bit of a couple items. Your new mother cloche project is coming along nicely, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sherrill. I'm glad you are doing fine...My attention span is definitely terrible at this time, but I'm sure it is just the nature of the boredom and worry that we must endure.

  2. Glad to hear that your sense of humor is still in tact through all of this! I wish you'd included a photo of your hair, though! Bimbo hair sounds awesome!!! :O)

    I love a small themed project that is packed full of nice detail! Your cloche with all of the fun features is fantastic and the new mom doll is incredible! Really lovely project, Carrie!

    I don't know what we'd be doing half the time if not for our fur babies, and Cali looks like a faithful friend keeping you company and entertained!

    Stay safe and creative!

    1. Hi Jodi. Thanks for your nice words. I hope you are healthy both physically and mentally. Your state was hit so hard right at the beginning, it must have been scary.

  3. Glad to hear you are doing OK and staying (mostly) sane. :-) I love the cloche project. You did such a lovely job on it. Your doll dressing skills are so fabulous--I love the drape you get on the clothes. Cali is indeed very talented. What a wonderful companion and supervisor you have in her. I'm sure she gets lots of pets and kisses.

    1. Hello Deborah. Mostly sane....ha ha. Cali keeps us all entertained. I figure if she can live her whole life indoors, I can do it too!

  4. HI Carrie! I got quite a chuckle from your CV limerick and isn't it interesting all of the latent talents that begin to surface which you didn't know you had?
    Your mother and child reunion speaks volumes, because if nothing else, this worldwide quarantine has shown us how much we need to interact with others and it all begins with our relationships with our mothers such as you've poinantly depicted.
    Your smaller bassinet was a good switch up but I must say that I'm glad that you changed the carpet to the wood floor with a rug, which is in perfect harmony with your rustic farmhouse wall. The way in which you paneled your stained glass and window wall makes me think of some of Carl Larsen's work.
    And finally I wish to commend you on the FABULOUS dolls themselves. The mother face is VERY Beautiful and her night clothes and dressing gown fall in soft, natural drapes around her- EXCELLENT WORK, Carrie!

    p.s. and fyi- to avoid my hair, I've taken to wearing a hat indoors :D

  5. Hello Elizabeth. I had to look up Carl Larsson. Were you referring to the painter? I love his style. I feel like he and I see the world in the same way. I love the colors, composition and his themes.

  6. Oh my word Carrie, your cloche is absolutely beautiful. I like your helper, she has good taste :-) Love the limerick.

  7. I feel that I am the new-comer to the neighborhood when see familiar names in your comments. Thank you visiting Ann's Dollhouse Dreams. I wondered if a toaster oven would work to bake Fimo that way I can bake downstairs and keep the dog away from my clay should I forget to put it away or turn my back on it a nano second. I love your cloche because there is so much detail. I've only done one boombox for my little grandson and I keep thinking of buying another huge house kit, but really I should do room boxes and give them as gifts. For now I'm entertaining myself with Fimo food.


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