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Puppenstuebchen Easy Kit Review

I mentioned in my last post that I would do a review of one of the kits I bought at the Dallas Miniature show. I chose to do The Romantic Country Style Cabinet as it looked to be the least complicated of the three I purchased.

I also bought the buffet and the kitchen sink kits as well.
When I first opened the kit and saw the components I felt a bit overwhelmed. (Normal reaction for me) The kits are made of laser cut Masonite/hardboard. Can I just say, I love the wood aroma from laser cut kits....that might be a bit of an over share, but hey it is the little things in life that make me kooky happy.

There some things you have to get used to when doing one of these kits.

  1. The directions are in German and English. They take a little bit to get used to, and have a few of those funny translation variations that are humorous. They have very good pictures, but not every picture has English translations.
  2. The kit comes with a piece of sand paper that you super glue to matching piece of hardboard
    That yellow piece is the sandpaper
  3. The kit comes with extra pieces that are used as assembly tools. I  did not need these to help square up the pieces, but it is a nice touch.

    4. There are also other assembly tools that help to line up pieces that are glued atop of each other, but are graduated sizes . This gives the kit a faux  routered or beveled edge. Those pieces had me dumbfound until I looked and read the instructions better. They are not on the directions pictured above, but rather included in the general directions below. I may have tried to glue thesešŸ˜•. I missed the little picture of the glue bottle with a X over it. The alignment tools took away my worries about the door being out of square.

    The pieces fit together like a dream. They have tiny tabs and holes that line up perfectly
    Look at how nice it fits together. 

     The kits has a nice amount of detail due to these tiny trim pieces. These pieces go around the window and the bottom of door.

    I bought a jar of green paint that they had offered at their table. I believe it is chalk paint not craft acrylic paint. It is water clean up, but has a different odor than good old craft paint.

    This next picture shows the top going on with 3 pieces for the routered look.

    I am very pleased with this kit. I was able to hinge the door which usually does not do well for me. It is sturdy and might even be a little large for scale, but I have no idea what size a romantic country style cabinet should be. I am guessing an armoire would be the same scale. 

    Here it is a pictured in a small dollhouse room with some other furniture and a ruler. I think it could be a lovely linen closet someday?
    A little brown wax accent, and this will be a lovely, shabby chic, French country  piece.
    P.S. Hardware not included, I had to improvise.

    Here is a link to their etsy and home sites.


  1. What a pretty little cabinet! Thanks for the review, it makes me want to run out and get one. I wonder if they will be available at the Portland Mini Show later this year?

  2. Wow Carrie the cabinet is such a wonderful piece and I love the color! The tiny frame pieces really do add so much charm! I am excited to see how the other kits come out, and I bet they're even easier now that you have the code to the instructions solved!

  3. It’s gorgeous Carrie, you’ve done a great job. It looks very neat and a lovely green. And cupboards and
    large pieces of furniture can look big in miniature scale. I have an antique wardrobe that I scaled down to 1:24 and it looked GINORMOUS! This would make a great linen press as you said.

  4. What lovely little recessed shapes this cupboard kit has and the glass window in the door makes it very European and as if it has been in the family for generations. I think that stacks of fresh and beribboned linens would look Marvelous on the shelves, especially with a border of lace edging each of your soft green shelves.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been interested in these kits for a while but haven’t bought any yet. The scale is a little interesting. I wonder if the others are the same. I love the finish you’ve given it. Such s pretty colour.

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