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Pleasing Poinsettia Punch.......not the poisionous kind.

 I have been making little goodies for Christmas swaps and stumbled upon some really neat punches that also emboss. (The blue ones pictured below.)

I was on Amazon looking for a holly leaf motif and stumbled upon these poinsettia punches by Nellie's Choice. I hadn't heard of them but bought them on impulse, along with the holly leaf that turned out to be out of scale.

 I love the detail that the embossing portion renders.  It is so much fun! I quickly got carried away and began making mini- pots full of flowers.

I thought I would share the technique I used.

  • Light weight paper....what ever color you want
  • Tacky Glue
  • Light weight Floral wire, I don't know what gauge I had, as it was in my stash. 
  • clear teeny beads with holes. (make sure the wire will fit into the hole)
  • Gold acrylic paint 
  • The Nellie's Choice punches pictures above
  • MINI- Punch bunch punches in the splash and  tri-leaf motif.
  • Micro wood flower pots. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • straight pin
1. Before assembling, cut your floral wire in lengths of about 2 inches or whatever length makes it easiest for you to handle .
2. Make a mixture of one part glue to one part paint. I used gold but you can use whatever color you would like your stamen to be.

 The wire and tiny bead are shown below

3. Take the wire and dip it into the glue so it forms a small bulb as seen below.
4. Now take the tiny bead and thread it over the glue bulb, then lightly dip it into the glue mixture again.

5 . Set it aside to dry.

6. Punch out and emboss two flowers in the color desired.  This is the embossing punch.

7. Punch out and emboss one in a green color for the leaves.

8. Punch out the tri-leave shape in green.

9. Using the splash shaped punch, punch out the shape. This will be another part to the stamen  portion of the flower. You can see it in purple and then in the lower right you can see it in gold.

10. Now poke holes in the center of the flowers, green poinsettia flower and  stamen (shown in purple)

                                                       Time to assemble the flower

11. Take the wire with the gold glued bead and dab a drop of tacky glue under it. Then take you splash /stamen piece and thread it on the wire until it is under the bead. It should look like the example below.

12. Now drop a dab of glue under the stamen and thread the first flower up the wire and secure it under the stamen. it should look like the picture below.

13. Dab a drop of glue under the flower and thread the next flower up the wire. Try to offset the petals to look like the picture below. You can also use the straight pin to separated the top row with the bottom row for better definition.

14. Follow the same procedure and thread the green flower/ leaf portion up the wire.

15. Now, take the tri-leave portion and cut the individual leave from the branch.
16. Take the individual leaf, and dip the bottom into the glue.
17. Now tuck the individual leaves under the flower until you are satisfied with the look. 

Finally arrange the flowers in the pots as you like.

You can add glitter to the flowers and leaves and dress up the pot with a ribbon too.


  1. These are adorable! You have done a beautiful job making the poinsettias. What a great idea for a punch! Thanks for the heads up; I’m going to order some right away.

    1. Thank you Sherrill. I hope you have fun making them.

  2. What a fantastic find with the embossing punch! I just love the effect you've created, and the pots are so festive! The Poinsettias look amazing! Thanks for the tips and the tutorial!

    1. Thank you Jodi. I have been experimenting with white vellum paper and then a solid white layer. They look really pretty.

  3. Really Lovely Poinsettias arrangements you've made, AND the punches proved to be well worth your investment, too!


  4. Those are really great punches! I like the fact that they emboss, too. Clever the way you've created the stamens. Your poinsettias are beautiful! You're going to make a lovely mini Christmas!

  5. Thanks Deborah....Making little fake flowers is much more fun than trying to growing real plants in the desert.


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