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Happy Labor Day

Just a short note to say hello. I am anxiously awaiting the end of summer. I always get down in the dumps this time of year....rather like seasonal affective disorder, but in the summertime for me.

I have mainly been making miniature dolls over the last few weeks. I did clean out the Willow to see what I need to do to finish it. There is not much to be done. It is just starring at me with angry eyes and calling me names like procrastinator and lazy butt....It doesn't help that my kids like to rub salt into the wound by saying, "Are you going to finish that thing?" I thing mentally I am ready to move on to something smaller, so I am finished with it for now, but it is not complete. Will I ever complete anything? Am I destined to be the maker of incomplete dollhouses?

Here are my latest dolls.....I made several more, but I won't bore you with them right now. I am listing this couple on eBay. I think there is niche out there for 1/12 scale ethnic dolls that are NOT stereotypes. Wish me luck on this new adventure.......
Miss May and Mr. Marcus


  1. What do you mean 'not finishing anything'? These dolls are amazing - each a fabulous finished project!!
    I hope cooler weather comes your way soon and brings with it better frame of mind.
    Anna x

  2. What a beautiful couple, Carrie! I love May and Marcus in their their dapper outfits and gorgeous features! You have really become an artist!

    I could not agree with you more that there are just not many good dolls out there who are pigmentally blessed, especially males and even more specifically male children! The world is full of beautiful and diverse people, and I applaud you for seeing the need and attempting to begin filling it. I hope the mold makers will also see the need to reflect our world with more diverse features.

    As far as finishing projects, I myself struggle with that. I seem to lose enthusiasm or get stuck with where to go next and so they languish on my shelves. But from my own experience, one day, the project will begin to speak to you again (as with the New Orleans) and the guilt will lead to renewed enthusiasm. Just think of it as though you are letting the creative energy for that project build up again so that you can give it the love and attention it deserves. Just being "finished" isn't the objective, fulfilling the vision is, however long that takes! :o)

    Please post the eBay listing link when you have it!

    1. Thank you so much Jodi. here is the link

  3. For me, finishing is overrated. It’s the process I enjoy. But clearly, you finish some things – your new dolls are beautiful.

    1. I enjoy the process too. I think I spend so much time thinking and dreaming about a project that I am mentally done by the time it nears completion.

  4. Happy Labor Day to you, too! Sometimes, it just doesn't feel right to work on a particular project. As you can see from my blog, I abandoned the Fairfield for years before finally coming back to finish up a few things. Maybe you will someday with the Willow. You have to find what inspires you, and it looks like you have with dolls. You do such a great job with them; you know how much I love the doll you made for me. You also appear to have found a need to fill and are filling it beautifully. Your dolls are wonderful, and I really like how you have photographed them. They have such personality! I hope they go flying "off the shelves" on eBay!

    1. Thanks Deborah.....I listed them on a whim. I hope they sell, but I also want to enjoy them a little longer.

  5. Your black couple are BEAUTIFULLY costumed and their faces are LOVELY! How nice to have them courting and ready to take a stroll down the avenue in all their Edwardian Finery!
    And I perfectly understand about putting one problem project on hold until your in the mindspace for it again.
    And working on smaller projects until you're ready again for The Willow is entirely 'acceptable' as we have all been there and know that plowing ahead when you're uninspired, can often cause more harm than good, so keep on with your doll-making for the time being as they are truly Delightful!

  6. Hi Carrie. I struggle with finishing stuff too! But I think you will get there in the end. Something will spark an interest and you will finish. And it’s a hobby, not a chore. If you don’t feel like doing it, then don’t! On the other hand, finishing something does bring a huge sense of achievement. Your dolls are beautiful, and very detailed. Lovely work! I hope you feel a little happier soon! X


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